Friday, August 3, 2012

Who Pays???

If your neighbors tree, which is alive and healthy falls on your house
 who's insurance is responsible to pay - 

It depends on the condition of the tree - 
if the tree is dead / has dead limbs and the owner of the tree is aware, 
and or you had made the homeowner aware of the issue and it falls on your 
house then it would go off of the neighbor if they ...
neglected the tree - however if it is a perfectly healthy tree and its falls
on your house, then it is on you as the neighbor was not negligent in
any way and it is considered an act of God -
agree or disagree this is way the way it always plays out - 
we have 3-4 clients going through this right now -
Neighbor had healthy tree, storms blew it onto their house -
we pay out not the neighbor.


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