Friday, July 13, 2012

Why life Insurance???

Why do I need Life Insurance? How can it protect ME and my FAMILY? 

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is "why do I need life insurance, and how can it benefit me and my family should the unexpected happen?"

In today's society most families have built a life style off of two incomes (husband & wife) - From the mortgage payment, to car loans, credit cards, and vacations - most of what we do in life not only takes our pay check but also that of our spouse.

Those are the monetary things, that can come and go - BUT, let us also not forget what is most important our family, and making sure they are taken care of should we no longer be around -

We are often told "why would I want to make my wife rich by passing away" or "I have coverage through work, they will be OK." , or "we just can't afford it right now"-

What most people fail to realize is that most if not all families ARE NOT OK when something happens.  Most have zero or very little life insurance, and the policies most have through work are hardily enough to even cover the funeral cost - Think about this - Say the average cost of a funeral is around $7,000 - $10,000 - does your family have that amount of cash just lying around?  If you had to take that out of  your savings, would you still have enough to make your next house payment? Could you afford food?  If you have small children and pass away which of your other family members is going to go into debt to help raise them? There is clothing, food, shoes, school supplies, college and the list goes on and on - If you live pay check to pay check and struggle to make payments on your house, cars, credit cards etc. on two incomes how is your spouse who you leave behind going to afford it on one income?  Do you really want to leave your spouse in a financial hole for the rest of their life?

I could go through example, after example of why life insurance is important for you and your family, but today I want to not just tell you about life insurance but also show you how life insurance can benefit your family - below is a message from Tara Newby - a women who lost her husband in a tragic accident - Tara and her husband made a decision together that they needed and wanted life insurance to protect them and their family - Tara talks about the benefits of having it, and how her life is different because of it - No amount of life insurance can bring our loved ones back, but what it can do is help to ease the burden during one of the most difficult times in our lives - Take a moment to listen to her story -  After hearing her story if you would like more information feel free to visit our web-page or give us a call -

- Thoughts on Life Insurance, from Farmers Insurance agent Joel McKinnon

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