Friday, July 13, 2012

To Check in, or not to check in - that is the question

"To Check in, Or not to Check in?"

As most of us head out on our summer vacations we highlight those trips by flashing pics across Facebook, and other social sites like Twitter & tumblr - but the question we have to ask our self  "is this a good idea?"  We all love to show off our "toe's in the sand," or a cute family pic with the ocean in the background, but are we opening our self's up to much by doing so?  Are we alerting criminals of where we are, and when we are NOT home?  Are we asking for someone to rob us??  As cool as it is to check in, or to up-load a pic the instant it is taken - remember EVERYONE is watching - Check out this article from Mashable as they continue to talk about the changing trends of travelers -

0s smartphone adoption rises, savvy mobile users are increasingly using their mobile phones to document their travels while they’re on the road.
Only a decade ago, a family trip wasn’t complete without a camera and video recorder, and if you were an über nerd, you might have even brought a laptop. Oh, and you couldn’t forget the extra SD cards and perhaps a card reader, just in case you decided to take a few thousands photos and ran low on storage. And, shucks, individual chargers for each device were a must. Honey, we’re gonna need a bigger bag!
In 2012, though, travelers are increasingly choosing to cut the cutter while they’re on-the-go by simply bringing their smartphones to snap and share photos. They’re doing double-duty by documenting check-ins on apps likeFoursquare and Facebook.
New York-based social travel startup Tripl is in on the trend and put together an infographic showcasing how users are accessing mobile while traveling. The company illustrated data gathered within the first week following its launch last week. Tripl is an application that delivers daily stories of your friends’ travels through the geo-tagged content they share on Facebook and Foursquare.

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