Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Life Insurance - Aaron Pace's view

Why do I need life insurance
 That was a question I often asked myself when I was younger.  Like most young people, I felt I had my whole life ahead of me to get it taken care of. The older I get the more I realize why it is so important.  I now realize that it is the best gift that I could ever give to my family. There are many reasons to have life insurance.  Here are some great points from an article I read this afternoon.  I love this quote found within the article - "You can’t predict the future, You don’t know what will happen."

1. Life insurance provides financial support to your spouse and family.
2. Your spouse could become disabled after your death and unable to work.
3. You might not be able to obtain life insurance later on when you do want it.
4. If you become terminally ill, you will not spend your last days of life worrying about your family, and regretting that you didn’t purchase life insurance.
5. Your spouse will not be left with the debt you incurred.
6. Life insurance can help with your funeral and burial cost.
7. It offers peace of mind to you and your loved ones.
For more information from this article please click HERE for the entire article.

One of the other misconceptions I had, was purchasing life insurance for my children.  Yes, I know this is something as parents we never want to think about, but it really is a good idea.  If you purchase life insurance when your children are young, they will always be insured regardless of what health conditions they develop later in life.  Policies for children can be very affordable, and it is a great way to lock in the rates for the rest of their life.

If you have any questions regarding why you may need life insurance or how much you need please call us at McKinnon Insurance.  We will be glad to review your current coverage with you.  As we go through life, our life insurance needs change, please make sure your family is protected should something happen. 



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